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Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

  Newly Published Works by VWC Members
Make for Great Summer Reading

Suzanne Bratcher's mystery novel The Copper Box

The mystery novel The Copper Box by VWC's Suzanne Bratcher will be released June 6, 

Book and eBook Kindle edition will be available at

More info about the book

Cy Holliday's book George Bailey's Got Nothing on Me -- A Narrative History of the Holliday Family Published

Paperback and Kindle eBook editions available at Contact Cy for an autographed edition.

More info about the book 

Elmer Beard's documentary The Challengers: Untold Stories of African Americans Who Changed the System in One Small Southern Municipality

Available at

More info about the book

Webmaster's Note: The "One Small Southern Municipality" that Mr. Beard's title refers to is Hot Springs, Arkansas!

Barrie Gauthier's light-hearted The Black Cat Guide to Grammar Through Light Verse

Available in hardbound or paperback at

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  Chap Harper's latest action novel Under Cuba

Available at Barnes & Nobel and

More info about the book

Check out these new releases as well as those of other VWC members on OUR PUBLISHED WORK page

VWC Member Mary Lou Moran to Speak at Morning Connection

Future of Village Writers Club topic of May 22
Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

"Future of the Village Writers’ Club"

Monday, May 22

1:00 p.m.

Coronado Community Center, Room 6

Our club is in transition. Please join us for a frank discussion.

  • What are our goals as a writers’ club?
  • Why do members join?
  • What do members expect from the club?
  • Why do members participate or not participate in club activities?
  • What do members like or not like about monthly programs and workshops?
  • What changes should we make in the basic structure of this club?
  • How can we fill leadership roles?

Come ready to discuss these and other critical issues.  Your Board needs your feedback.

Marlene Kloack, President

Village Writers’ Club

[email protected]

VWC's Mary Lou Moran and Jerry Davis
to Present at Arkansas Writers' Conference

Jerry Davis and Mary Lou Moran

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Breakout Session: 9:35a to 10:15a

Take Author Readings From Blah to Aah

   After an impressive introduction, you stroll across the room, place your latest book on the lectern, and begin to read chapter one. In less than 60 seconds, the audience is shifting in their seats, checking their cell phones, and reading the program to see who’s up next. Not the reaction you were hoping for?

   Most authors want to look up and see the audience (potential readers, editors and agents) riveted to their every word, ready to ask questions about their characters, and shifting to grab their wallets.

   As a writer, you rarely get the opportunity to meet and connect with your readers. When you do, you want to stir interest in your book. But if you stand up there, shifting from one foot to the other, looking down, and reading with an expressionless mutter, you will lose those potential readers.

   What do they want from you? You’re not a professional actor. You’re not even an amateur actor. How do you read your creation to hold the interest of the audience?

   Theatrical techniques can help authors reach readers in a unique, personal way. Apply these, and you can be the best marketing tool you have.

Mistakes authors make when reading to an audience

  • No eye contact with the audience – face in the book, members of the audience see the top of a head
  • Read an entire chapter without pause, rather than choosing short passages that best tell the story
  • Read without preparation, concentrating on correct words instead of the story and the emotion
  • Fail to practice reading the story aloud, stumble over the words
  • Wing it, use most of the time talking about everything but the book.
  • Don’t practice with a microphone, can’t be heard and understood
  • Don’t prepare good answers for questions about characters, setting, plot
  • Don’t prepare reading copies of the text with larger print and spacing, lose their place and wander
  • Fail to accomplish the primary purpose: make a connection with the audience

Arkansas Writers Conference  June 3 in Little Rock

Conference will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Little Rock. Check the AWC website for details about the program speakers and writing contests.  Members may carpool.  Contact Marlene if you are interested.

Writers' Colony Moondancer Fellowship Available
Applications Due May 31

2017 Moondancer Fellowship for writing about nature and the environment

The Moondancer Fellowship is awarded to an author writing in any genre who expresses their love of and concern for the environment through their writing. This fellowship provides for two weeks of free residency at The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow in the historic arts village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. 

     Each resident has a private suite with writing space, private bath, wireless hook-up, uninterrupted writing time, a European-style gourmet dinner prepared five nights a week and served in our community dining room, the camaraderie of other professional writers when you want it, and a community kitchen stocked with the basics for breakfast and lunch.

     Final application date for entry to be postmarked is May 31, 2017. The recipient will be announced in early August. Fellowship applications must be accompanied by two letters of reference and a non-refundable $35 application fee.

     Residencies must be completed by June 31, 2018 [sic]. Fellows may elect to stay additional time at the rate of $525 a week.

Apply Now

Whether you are a beginning or seasoned writer, your work will move faster

with questions answered, experienced editing, and marketing advice for the final product.


RE/MAX OF HSV Ambassador Program
Call for Poetry Submissions

RE/MAX of HSV is creating videos promoting Hot Springs Village
They would like to include a short poem in each video and want to involve Village Writers’ Club poets. This project is part of a new RE/MAX of HSV Ambassador Program.
Selected poems will be published in the video with credit to the poet, and that poet will be able to share this on his/her website and social media. What a fantastic opportunity for our poets!
Deadlines for short poem entries are:
  • How Great It Is To Live in Hot Springs Village - deadline July 15
  • Fall Beauty in Hot Springs Village - deadline August 15
  • Golfing & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline January 15, 2017
  • Trails & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline February 15, 2017
  • Lakes & Living in Hot Springs Village - deadline March 15, 2017
  • Club Sports – Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce Ball etc. - deadline April 15, 2017
  • Possibly one about the Ouachita Mountain Region - deadline May 15, 2017
If you have any questions, please contact Mary Lou Moran at 501-226-9197 or Dannet Botkin at 501-209-2806.
Let’s get writing!